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Have you ever found fun in the simplest of activities?

Struttin’ and strollin’ at the end of the day.  A family’s adventure in their own unique way. 

They ramble and roam.  They climb and they run.  An evening together, each moment is fun.  

Mom's Choice Gold Recipient for Excellence

Readers View Literary Award 2nd Place Children's Book Category 

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“As a primary teacher, we are always searching for great read aloud books, and this is one!  The children were delighted by the rhymes and bright pictures!  Wonderful message about the joys of family time as spring approaches!”

- Wren Hayes Director and Teacher Building Block School


"What a great story to share with my students!  In kindergarten, we spend time working on personal narratives and A Family Walk is a wonderful representation  full of colorful illustrations.  My students also enjoyed the rhyming throughout and making text to self connections!”

-  Lee Anne Miller Kindergarten Teacher 

"Both A Moment in Time and A Family Walk have great messages for kids and parents alike to slow down and take in the moment!"

- Nicole Mazur-Pitcher Director and Teacher at Junior Gym

“What a wonderful message to children and families, not only to have precious time together but to spend that time enjoying the outdoor world! I love stories that have rhyme, and I thoroughly enjoyed how this book was put together so elegantly.”

- Hayley Van-Gils, Children’s Librarian Kingston Library

“Jen Butenas has written another great picture book that should be included in classroom libraries.  The rhyming and vivid language make it a great mentor text for teaching word choice.  The importance of taking time to be a family and  enjoy the small moments continues to be a strong theme in the sequel to A Moment in Time.”

- Amy Wilson 4th grade Elementary Teacher


“As a Clinical Mental Heath counselor, this book meets children at their development stage and engages its readers with its rhymes and beautiful illustrations. Each age group can relate to taking a moment with family to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Spending time with your children, like on a family walk, is vital to their psychological and emotional well-being.  Mindfulness is such an important topic to teach and this book demonstrates that perfectly. What a great addition to my bookshelf at my office.

- Franchesca DeMaria, LCMHC  Exeter, NH

"A Family Walk is a fabulous way to introduce kindergartners to small moment stories. The rich language, catchy rhymes and relatable story will capture the imagination of five year olds and adults alike. 

-Melissa Mastin Kindergarten Teacher

"Now more than ever, kids are learning to be grateful for special moments in time.  This story is a wonderful mentor text that teaches just that.  It guides children to capture their own life's adventures to write their own small moments in time.  It's just what you've been looking for!" 

-Jennifer Hackett Second Grade Teacher

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